Introducing, Charlotte.

I was on cloud 9 when Christine reached out to me and asked if I would take baby Charlotte's first portraits. Kind of surreal, since I had reached out to Christine when my Penelope was born to find out what photographer she had used to take photos of her first born. This time if someone asked her, she would say me!

In preparation for this shoot (my very first newborn and family shoot), I downloaded a newborn photography class on Creative Live. And although Photographer Ana Brandt (who was teaching this particular class) clearly oozes calm and comport behind the camera, I started to question if I might have bit off more then I could chew.

Before I knew it, There I was! Taking newborn photos and snapping family photos as quickly as I could in the hopes of getting a few good shots of the ever moving Evie... and you know what. I don't think they came out half bad. And the best part... I learned a whole heck of a lot.

#Newborn #Sisters #Family #CreativeLive #AnaBrandt

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