Cooking with Jessica Braider, New CEO of The Six O'Clock Scramble

In the short amount of time that I spent with Jessica during our shoot, I can tell you three things about her: she is patient, fair and one hell of a cook! If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard I can still savor the beyond delicious pizza she whipped up with her boys from scratch in just minutes!

Jessica is passionate about cooking and for the past 6 years has been working closely with families to take the stress out of meal prep and healthy eating. So her transition to The Six O'Clock Scramble is a no brainier!

But what is The Six O'Clock Scramble exactly? Well it is an online meal planner committed to helping busy people get quick, easy, and delicious meals on the table every night. Let's face it, we all hate meal prep, right? Well, at least I do. That's why we had Ledo's tonight.... when I could have made Jessica's amazing pizza instead. So its a good thing Jessica has shared with me a discount code so that I can take advantage of getting a weeks worth of recipes and a shopping list emailed to me each week. All recipes take 30 min or less and are kid approved. Luckily she said I could share it with you too: use code FANDF17 for 25% off membership at

You can also follow her on Twitter, on Pinterest, and on Instagram.

Happy viewing and eating!


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