IVF Needles Birth Glitterful Masterpieces

Today's post is about a lot more than beautiful photos, and the images below are hands down some of my best work to date, but really it's not about the photos. Today's post is about maybe the strongest and most magical person that I currently know. And thank you, Jamie, for asking me to take these photos because in doing so you gave me the opportunity to publicly gush about you. So without further a do, let's begin.

I have known Jamie, aka The Glitter Enthusiast, for around 7 years (fun fact: today is our 6 year Facebook Friend-iversary), and since the very beginning, she has been a constant bright glowing light of happiness, show tunes, glitter, and style. About 2 years ago she confided in me that she and her husband were trying to get pregnant and were having trouble. Even then she was up beat and ready to tackle this very frustrating and unknown path with a can do attitude and a sparkle in her eye. Two years later she is still on this grueling journey and that positive attitude has only gotten brighter.

A big reason for that is just who Jamie is, but thankfully Jamie has also found an outlet in art. And I say thankfully, not just for her, but for all of us who get to get lost in the swirling colors that Jamie creates. What is also so fascinating is that she actually uses sterile IVF needles and medical gauze to help her create these amazing works of art and in doing so, she gives another meaning to these items that she very well could have come to resent. That's Jamie for you, it's all Lemonaid. She IS going to make one amazing Mom some day soon.

You can follow her here (insta) or own your own little piece of swirling happiness here (etsy).

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