Commercial Shoot for Vinik Educational Placement Services

When Laura reached out to me to ask if I could shoot some photos for her company's website, this little idea I was toying with to take pictures for other people and get out of my backyard became a reality. I have to admit when I showed up to American University I was more then a little nervous. I knew that this job was going to set the tone for me going forward. 15 minutes into the shoot, I knew I was going to have a great time with Bruce, Annie and Laura and I believe the photos show that.

The three of them are private college admission consultants and in my time with them it was clear that they all care deeply about what they do. If you have a high school-aged child that could use some guidance navigating the college enrollment process, I highly suggest you check them out

As a fun little side note, well after this shoot wrapped and I delivered the photos to Vinik EPS, Laura posted them to facebook and tagged me in the photos. My father saw the post and one thing led to another we discovered we are long lost relatives! ... Kind of. Laura's husband's Great-Grandfather married my Great-Grandmother after they were both widowed. Crazy small world, isn't it!

I also need to take a moment to thank Laura and Annie. First Laura thank you for trusting me with your company's photos and you have been a huge advocate for me on social media ever since. I have already gotten several inquiries based on your recommendations alone. And I know Annie has been passing along my information word of mouth. THANKS LADIES, your support means the world to me!

Now enough gabbing. Enjoy the show!

#Commercial #Portraits #AmericanUniversity

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