Celebrating Andrea in Cape Cod

A few weeks ago I was invited to go on a quick weekend vacation to Cape Cod with my sister-in-law Andrea to celebrate her up coming nuptials. I guess I could call it a bachelorette party, but this was honestly just a great weekend spending time with my other sister-in-law Phylicia, my mother-in-law Elysa and getting to know Andrea's In-laws' to be Mom Suzy and Sister Kathryn (We missed you Sabel!).

I had never been to Cape Cod before and at the last minute decided to bring my camera. I am so happy I did. I get why the Cape has the reputation it does. I feel completely in love. Here are some of my favorites from the trip.

P.S. Andrea and Kat you two are officially my forever models when I want to try out something new. You both are so much fun to photograph. While you two are just having a blast having a billion photos taken of you, you are giving me the opportunity to fine tune my craft.

--A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Ana from Ana Isabel Photography for showing me some tips and tricks in lightroom to help me get these photos just right! Check her out at anaisabelphotography.com or on facebook @AnaIsabelPhoto. --

These last two I did not snap the trigger on, clearly as I am in both (I could have used a tripod and a remote, but I didn't), but I pre-set the camera before I handed it off and did the editing.

#CapeCod #Event #Bachelorette #Beach

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